SAEE Launches Outstanding Research and Article Awards

Due to several requests from the prospective authors, the submission deadline for SAEE Outstanding Research Award has been extended to 29th Jun 2014. Re-submission of papers is still possible.

SR 20,000


SR 15,000

SR 10,000

SR 10,000

Description of the Awards

An annual monetary prize awarded to the selected Outstanding Research Paper, Outstanding Article and Outstanding Student Research Paper, in the field of energy economics. The awards, in addition to their value SR 20k, SR 15k & SR 10k respectively, are a recognition by SAEE of the high quality research and contribution to the field.

Objectives of the Awards

  • Enrich the content of research on energy economics in the Kingdom by motivating subject matter experts
  • Elevate the quality of energy economics research in the Kingdom through a review committee that ensure high standard compliance
  • Recognize and reward energy economics researchers in the Kingdom
  • Direct the public’s attention to topics of current relevance and significance
  • Encourage specialized research to be published in non-specialized publications
  • Introduce members of SAEE and subject matter experts to the wider public

Submission & Selection Process


  1. An applicant submits the research paper, or article, through the application form below
  2. The submitted documents must follow SAEE guidelines (available on the application form)
  3. The Screening Committee reviews the submitted documents. Upon satisfaction of selection criteria, the committee forwards the paper to the Review Committee and local newspaper (translated if needed) to be published as a ‘nominated paper’ for the award.
  4. The Review Committee will and announce the winning papers and articles.
  5. The winners will be notified and recognized at the last SAEE Dinner of the year and the award will be covered by local newspapers.

 Selection Criteria

  • Relevance of the topic and originality of research.
  • Freshness of ideas, insights and thinking, analytical framework, quantitative and or qualitative framework for analysis.
  • The research paper should be no less than 2000 words and no more than 5000 words. It will have to include an abstract, introduction, analysis and conclusion sections in addition to references. The article should be around 1000 words.
  • Reliability, validity, quality and rigor of data analysis.
  • Recognition of the paper by the peers/professional community if any.
  • Journals in which the paper has been published; international conferences at which the paper has been presented.


  • The author must be a resident of Saudi Arabia or a Saudi citizen or research a subject with relevance to the Saudi energy economic scene.
  • Submissions must be based on original work in applicant’s field of specialization.
  • The material must have been published or authored in 2010 onwards.
  • The paper must be submitted anytime in the year before the 29th Jun 2014. Earlier is highly encouraged.
  • A signed application form, a short CV (no more than one page) and a photo of the author (optional) must be sent along with the research paper.
  • An author may submit more than one research papers.


Attach a short CV for each researcher and the research paper (in a word document) with your application. Do NOT include any other material. We will only consider applications sent electronically. Early applications are recommended. Last date to consider applications is Jun 29th, 2014. Have questions? Contact us.

Terms and conditions

  • The winner will deliver a presentation during ‘SAEE Research Day’ or SAEE Dinner.
  • The award will be presented at ‘SAEE Annual Dinner’ and recognized by local newspaper.
  • SAEE has the right to publish the paper or any parts of it in local newspaper and SAEE Research Book (a publication that includes selected nominated research papers).
  • SAEE has the right to block the Awards or split them between multiple authors or split the award between co-authors.
  • Legal liability of the research published paper is on the author only.
  • It is the responsibility of the authors to procure clearance of the paper/article from their organizations, if such clearance is needed.


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