SAEE Bylaws

Saudi Association for Energy Economics (SAEE) Bylaws

Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be the Saudi Association for Energy Economics (SAEE).  Upon application to and approval by the Council of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE), this organization shall become an affiliate of the latter.

Article II: Objectives

The objectives of this organization shall be:

  1. To provide a mutual association for persons interested in energy economics in order to create a forum for professional discussion.
  2. To provide means of professional communication and exchange of experience and ideas among persons interested in energy economics.
  3. To promote professional communication among persons interested in energy economics from different industries within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and from other countries.
  4. To educate the local community on energy economic issues.

Article III: Membership

  1. Any person with an active interest in energy economics and/or related to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is eligibl for membership in this organization.
  2. Election to membership shall be by written application submitted to and approved by the membership committee.
  3. All members in good standing have the right to vote and hold office.

Article IV: Officers

1. The officers of this organization shall be:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

2. The duties of the officers shall be as follows:

a. President: The president shall preside at all general membership and executive committee meetings, and be responsible for the running of the organization.  The president must be a member of the International Association for Energy Economics.

b. Vice President: The vice president shall preside at any meetings in the absence of the president and shall succeed to the office of the president if the former should resign or be unable to serve the full term.  The vice president shall have duties as prescribed by the president or executive committee.  The vice president must be a member of the International Association for Energy Economics.

c. Secretary: The secretary shall keep the minutes of general membership meetings and executive committee meetings and shall maintain the membership rolls of the organization.

d. Treasurer: The treasurer shall keep all financial records of the organization and have custody of all funds.  The treasurer shall collect dues, pay all debts and account for the financial status of the organization.

3. Election and term of office:

a.  The fiscal year of the organization shall begin on January 1st and end of the following December 31st.  Officers shall be elected at the regular meeting of the organization or by written ballots.  The officers shall serve for two fiscal years until their successors are elected.

b.   An individual may hold the office of president for no more than two (2) consecutive years.

Article V: Committees

Committees shall be established with the following duties:

  1. Nominating committee: This committee shall annually nominate one or more candidates for the offices named in Article IV.
  2. Program committee: The vice president shall be chairperson of this committee.  The committee will secure speakers and plan meeting activities.
  3. Arrangements committee: This committee, in conjunction with the program committee, will make the necessary physical arrangements for general membership meetings.
  4. Membership committee: This committee shall take appropriate steps to inform prospective members of the organization’s activities and solicit applications from them.  It shall pass on the qualifications of all applicants, deferring to the executive, if necessary.
  5. Executive committee: This committee shall have general advisory charge of all affairs of the organization.  It shall consist of the current officers and the immediate past president.
  6. Other committees: The president or executive committee may establish permanent or temporary committees as necessary.
  7. Except as specified above, the president shall appoint the chair of each committee.  The chairperson shall appoint other members of the committee from among the organization’s regular membership.

Article VI: Meetings

There shall be at least three (3) general membership meetings a year. Such meetings shall be held as determined by the executive committee upon recommendation of the program chairperson.  The president may call special meetings as necessary.  Meeting arrangements, time, and place will be determined by the arrangements committee.

Article VII: Relations with IAEE Headquarters/Dues Collection

1. Annually, at the close of each fiscal year, the secretary shall advise the International Association for Energy Economics Headquarters of:

  • The elected officers of the organization for the coming year.
  • The meetings held during the past year, including date and subject matter.

2. The secretary will provide IAEE Headquarters with updated addresses of all affiliate members throughout the year

3. The treasurer will collect and forward affiliate member dues to IAEE Headquarters upon receipt of invoice for same.

4. To be affiliated with the IAEE at least 20 members from this Affiliate must be members of the IAEE.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for reporting the membership roll and forwarding dues to IAEE Headquarters.

Article VIII: Dues

Annual dues shall be determined by the executive committee, and shall be billed and collected by the treasurer.  Only members whose dues are currently paid are entitled to vote and to participate in organization activities.

Article IX: Amendments

These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority of the members present at any regular or special general membership meeting.

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