Membership in the Saudi Association for Energy Economics is open to anyone worldwide who has an interest in the fields of energy or energy economics. Our membership consists of those working in both the public and private sectors including government, academic and commercial. To renew your membership in IAEE click here.

You may join/renew SAEE membership directly via the registration system.

Direct membership costs $100 (USD) and is collected by IAEE. This includes a subscription with SAEE and IAEE as well.

As a student, you may join SAEE at a discount, $50 (USD). Students receive the same benefits as non-student members, along with the added benefit of making new connections to established members of the field.

Join SAEE Today

Membership Fees:

  • New Member ($100 USD)
  • Renewal Member ($100 USD)
  • New Student ($50 USD)
  • Renewal Student ($50 USD)
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